Executive chef Kevyn Matthews is no stranger in the culinary world.  He made his first culinary creations at 10 years old, cooking with his mother with whom he developed his love for food and the culinary arts. He then went on to work with some of the best catering companies in the Washington DC area, including culinary great Jose Andres at his DC based catering Purple Tie.   Kevyn was known for work in the the film catering industry in New York, cooking up backstage delights for movie sets, model shoots and commercials. 

His love for dogs however came from his father, a troubled man who taught him how powerful the love between human and dog could be. His first dogs were two Dachshunds that were sisters by the name of Heidi and Greta.

 Dog food back then was of very low quality and both dogs passed away from heart attacks due to being overweight.  Kevyn vowed that when he got his next dog it would be his childhood dream dog and was blessed with a Doberman Pinscher and named her Greta.  He wanted to keep her as healthy as he could, but realized the food in the store wasn't good enough for our pets.

He started studying what dogs truly need to thrive and working with holistic veterinarians to get answers to his many questions and following the truths of these animals to keep them healthy. After seven years of intense research, The Dog Chef has designed custom meal plans for a variety of ailments including Cancer and Kidney Failure with great success. He uses only the freshest local organic ingredients, and takes pride in the fact that he also feeds his Doberman Greta, with the same food as he sells to his clients. 

The Dog Chef, has been featured in Whole FoodsBark' stores,Mighty Healthy Pet by Moms, and Two Paws UpDowntown Dog Resort in Baltimore MD. He has had featured stories in, Urbanite Magazine, Baltimore Magazine, and DC Modern Luxury Magazine. He has also been featured on CBS's  "The Mobile Couch" Animal Planet's "Dog's 101" and Maryland Public Television showcasing his talents and his business.